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English Bus

Bricks Education
Is an eight-leveled English learning course for young learners. English Bus is a comprehensive language program that helps children to build competent listening, speaking, reading, and writing capacities.

  • Levels: 8 levels
  • Units: 8 (10 pages/Unit, 2 review pages/2 Units)
  • Components for Students:
    • Student Book + DVD-ROM + MP3 CD + Platform access
    • Workbook
  • Components for teacher: Teacher̓s Guide & CD, Home Audio CD, Teacher Cards, Teacher/Student Picture Cards, Unit/Review/Midterm/Final Test, Lesson Plan, Game Board, Power Point Presentations per lesson, Platform for teachers
Key features
Time-Tested Theme-Based Learning: This series is based on a theme-based curriculum. The themes in this series come
from children’s daily lives, both inside and outside of school, and their interests.
Eight Learner-Centered Customized Levels: English Bus is composed of eight levels. Therefore, students are able to
choose the optimum level for their age and existing language ability. The difficulty level of language and activities gradually
increases. This creates a smooth seamless progression, so students will not have any bumps along the road to fluency.
Learning through Experience and Play: Students are provided with abundant listening and speaking activities in every
lesson. These are designed to draw out the learners̓ active engagement and creative thinking. The upper levels will incorporate
more reading and writing tasks requiring a broader knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking skills.
Refined Visuals and Sounds Stimulating Learners̓ Senses and Intelligence
•Attractive Illustrations and Clear Photographs: This series includes illustrations and photos that have been prepared with
great artistic care. Full-size illustrations depicting children’s lives ensure that students are absorbed in the material and achieve
the educational objectives successfully.
• Collaboration with a Multi Grammy Award Winning Studio: Grammy Award winning studio has teamed up with Bricks
Education to create the songs and chants found in the English Bus, as well as manage all the audio design that makes the
English Bus series really stand out. The appealing songs and chants will have children not only joyfully reviewing the songs
during class time, but humming the catchy songs after class as well.
• A Variety of Teaching Materials: English Bus presents a variety of supplemental teaching materials to help teachers organize
their classes effectively and efficiently. Teachers are provided with printable teaching resources, Power Point slideshows, picture
cards, MP3 files, tests, online practice (www.englishbusonline.com), etc.

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